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Admissions for Transfer Students

If you are currently attending another college or university and plan to transfer to the University of Washington Communication or Journalism and Public Interest Communication (JPIC) major, you will first need to apply to the university. Once you are admitted to the UW, you will either be eligible to apply to the major starting your first quarter as a student if you have completed all of the prerequisites, or you can finish any remaining Communication or JPIC prerequisites and then apply to the major the quarter following completion. Students are not admitted to this Department at the point of admission to the UW. Most transfer students apply to this major in their first to third quarter after admission to the UW.

Applying to the University of Washington

The University of Washington Admissions website has answers to most questions about applying to the University. When you fill out an application to the UW, you will be asked about your intended major as part of the application process. You can then mark your intention to major in Communication (COM) or Journalism and Public Interest Communication (JPIC), knowing you will need to apply to the major once you are a matriculated student at the UW. We recommend that you also speak to your interests and intentions with studying Communication or JPIC in your UW application essay. The strongest applicants to the UW are not those who show only evidence of previous academic rigor, but those who also show interest in fields of study at the UW and intent with what they wish to do with those studies.

Department of Communication advisers do not evaluate transcripts to determine how courses may transfer to the UW. Transcripts are evaluated officially by the UW Office of Admissions only when a student applies to the university. If you are transferring from a Washington area community college, you can determine the way your classes transfer to UW by using the Admission Office’s Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Communication (COM) and Journalism and Public Interest Communication (JPIC) Major Prerequisites

For a full list of prerequisites that must be satisfied prior to applying to the COM and JPIC majors, see the COM and JPIC Admissions page.