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Speaking Center

The Department of Communication Speaking Center offers a space for speech practicing. Students need to sign up for a time on the website and then they can practice, record their speech, and receive feedback from a speaking tutor.

The UW Speaking Center opened in January of 2006. In the intervening years, over one hundred trained undergraduate tutors have provided thousands of coaching hours. Currently, the Center provides hundreds of one-on-one tutoring sessions to undergraduates each quarter. Many former tutors continue to coach informally at their places of work or professionally, as speech writers and press secretaries.

The Speaking Center is located in the Communication Building room 222 || Note: Currently due to COVID-19, the Speaking Center is not available for in-person appointments. It will reopen as per campus-wide guidelines.

Public speaking at the UW

Professor Matt McGarrity teaches the popular “COM 220: Introduction to Public Speaking” class every quarter at the UW. He founded and continues to direct the Speaking Center. He also teaches online public speaking courses through the digital platform, Coursera. “Introduction to Public Speaking” is the first and most popular course in his four-course “Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization.” The online classes aim to help students from across the globe develop and refine their public speaking skills, and have reached over a million students.