The Career Exploration program presents students with the opportunity to go out into the world and meet with leading communication professionals in TV production, journalism, public relations, the nonprofit sector, and more.

This is a unique chance for students to expand their networks in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., and even right here in Seattle. Every year, the Department of Communication takes a select group of students to these locations to tour facilities and meet with a dynamic array of industry professionals.

Career Explorations are funded in part by The Christopher Rauch Meyer Endowed Fund. This endowment is named in memory and honor of Christopher Meyer, who received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985 from the University of Washington with majors in Communication and Psychology. Christopher also had a strong interest in film and theater; he took drama courses to hone his skills in acting and lived and worked in Hollywood on two different occasions to pursue his passion for work in film. This endowment honors Christopher’s legacy of seizing opportunities, taking chances, and pursuing dreams. Its creation has provided a range of students with opportunities to travel to, and meet with, professional communication leaders outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Alumni who are interested in hosting a meeting with our students  and sharing your professional experience, please fill out this form.

Los Angeles Career Exploration Trip, April 2023

“As an undergraduate within the Department of Communication who aspired to enter the fields of film, television, and sports media, I found the LA Career Exploration trip to be extremely beneficial. Since a lot of these video-based opportunities are concentrated within Southern California, having the opportunity to meet and network with UW graduates with successful careers in the SoCal media industry was extremely valuable, allowing me to gain the exposure needed to be in the position I am today. Having graduated in June 2023, I now work within Game Presentation and Production for the Los Angeles Rams, and would not be in the position I am today had I not been able to have the experience I had during the LA Career Exploration Trip.”

Eashan Arun, ‘23
Los Angeles Career Exploration Trip, February 2024

“The LA Career Exploration trip left me feeling inspired and has expanded my network and knowledge of different roles in the creative industry. I was able to make new connections and learn from the stories of the alumni, create new friendships and memories, and am thankful for the opportunity to grow closer to my peers in the COM department.”

Jasmine Matchawate ‘24
New York Career Exploration Trip, October 2023

“The career exploration trip was one of the most formative experiences of my academic career. Getting to meet other huskies with the same background as me in a city with so many opportunities has not only made me feel excited for postgrad, but more equipped for it too!”

Jackson Simonsmeier, ‘24
Washington D.C. Career Exploration Trip, April 2024

“This career exploration trip to Washington, DC was an eye-opening experience for me. It was interesting to see how professional individuals were able to use their Communications degree into pursuing something they are passionate about.”

Annabelle Haryanto, ‘24

“I really appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the D.C. career exploration trip. We met so many UW alumni with communications backgrounds, who each gave us advice on things like resume help, continued education, and job experience. Overall, the trip demonstrated the various career pathways that can be pursued after undergrad, and that it is not just limited to one field/industry.”

Ellie Gitline, ‘24