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Full-time faculty

Leah Ceccarelli


E-Mail: cecc@uw.edu
Office: CMU 145

Anita Verna Crofts

Associate Teaching Professor
Associate Director, Communication Leadership

E-Mail: avcrofts@uw.edu
Office: CMU 251-B

Kirsten Foot

Professor, M.A./Ph.D. Program Coordinator

E-Mail: kfoot@uw.edu
Office: CMU 351

Christine Harold

Professor and Chair

E-Mail: charold@uw.edu
Office: CMU 102-B

Ralina L. Joseph


E-Mail: rljoseph@uw.edu
Office: CMU 127

Matt McGarrity

Teaching Professor

E-Mail: mcgarrit@uw.edu
Office: CMU 339

LeiLani Nishime


E-Mail: nishime@uw.edu
Office: CMU 225

Katy Pearce

Associate Professor

E-Mail: E-Mail: kepearce@uw.edu
Office: CMU 340-E

Anis Rahman

Assistant Teaching Professor

E-Mail: aniscom@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Nancy K. Rivenburgh


E-Mail: nkriv@uw.edu
Office: CMU 329

Kristina Scharp

Assistant Professor

E-Mail: kscharp@uw.edu
Office: CMU 223

Janine Slaker

Assistant Teaching Professor

E-Mail: jsslaker@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Doug Underwood


E-Mail: dunder@uw.edu
Office: CMU 240

Caley Cook

Associate Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

E-Mail: ckcook@uw.edu
Office: CMU 355

David Domke


E-Mail: domke@uw.edu

Amanda Friz

Assistant Professor

E-Mail: afriz@uw.edu

Carmen Gonzalez

Assistant Professor

E-Mail: cmgonzal@uw.edu
Office: CMU 141

Benjamin Mako Hill

Assistant Professor

E-Mail: makohill@uw.edu
Office: CMU 306

Valerie Manusov


E-Mail: manusov@uw.edu
Office: CMU 353

Patricia Moy

Professor, Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs

E-Mail: pmoy@uw.edu
Office: CMU 238

Andrea Otáñez

Associate Teaching Professor
JPIC Program Coordinator

E-Mail: aotanez@u.washington.edu
Office: CMU 340-F

Matthew Powers

Associate Professor

E-Mail: mjpowers@u.washington.edu
Office: CMU 233

Adrienne Russell

Professor and Associate Chair

E-Mail: adruss@uw.edu
Office: CMU 229

Meg Spratt

Associate Teaching Professor

E-Mail: mspratt@uw.edu
Office: CMU 340-C

John Tomasic

Artist in Residence

E-Mail: tomasic@uw.edu

Ekin Yasin

Director, Communication Leadership program

E-Mail: ekiny@uw.edu
Office: CMU 251-C

Part-time faculty

Jen Dev


E-Mail: jdev@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Autumn Lerner


E-Mail: autumnl@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Erika Schultz


E-Mail: erikajschultz@gmail.com
Office: CMU

Jovelle Tamayo


E-Mail: jovelle@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Adam Jabari Jefferson


E-Mail: ajeffe@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Steve Scher


E-Mail:  sscher@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Jim Simon


E-Mail: jsimon5@uw.edu
Office: CMU

Affiliate and adjunct faculty

N. Gina Aaftaab, Assistant Director, Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity

Lauren Berliner, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

Rick Bonus, American Ethnic Studies

Karen Fisher, Information School

Michelle Habell-Pallan, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Daniel Hart, American Indian Studies

James Jasinski, University of Puget Sound

Ron Krabill, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Mark Smith, Political Science

Anissa Tanweer, research scientist at the eScience Institute

Amoshaun Toft, Assistant Professor, UW Bothell

Emeritus faculty