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Introductory Courses

COM 200 and another COM 200-level course (need to complete only COM 200 to apply for the Journalism and Public Interest Communication Major) Credits: 10

Methods in Inquiry

More information about what courses count as Methods and information on the Methods requirement can be found here. Availability of these courses vary and others may count towards this requirement outside of this list. Refer to the time schedule description of COM courses.

Credits: 5

Skills/Competencies core

COM 360 Foundations of Journalism and Public Interest Communication: 5 credits
COM 361 Advanced Journalism and Public Interest Communication (Prerequisite: COM 360): 4 credits
COM 362 News Lab: Community Journalism and Public Interest Communication (Prerequisite: COM 361): 5 credits
COM 364 Media Responsibility in a Diverse Society (Prerequisite: COM 361): 5 credits
COM 457 Journalism Portfolio (Prerequisite: COM 362): 1 credit

Credits: 20

Law and Ethics core

COM 440 Mass Media Law: 5 credits
COM 468 Media Ethics: 5 credits

Credits: 10

Advanced Skills/Competencies

Choose courses from either groupings:

COM 351 Interviewing
COM 445 Journalism and Literature
COM 456 Networked Journalism
COM 458 Reporting Global Issues (Prerequisite: COM 360)
COM 459 Narrative Journalism
COM 460 Special Reporting Topics (Prerequisite: COM 360)
COM 461 Data Reporting (Prerequisite: COM 360)
COM 463 Copy Editing for Media (Prerequisite: COM 360)
COM 464 Writing With Voice (Prerequisite: COM 360)
COM 465 State Government Communication (Application required)

Public Interest Communication
COM 418 Communication and the Environment
COM 423 Communication and Social Change
COM 444 Public Relations and Society
COM 452 Crisis Communication
COM 474 Communication, Conflict, and Cooperation
COM 478 Intercultural Communication
COM 482 Interpersonal Media
COM 487 Representing Latinidad
COM 488 Race, Gender, and Power in Asian American Media
COM 489 Black Cultural Studies

Credits: 10 minimum

Total: 55 credits