Students should ensure that they can access all Internet resources required for UW Communication courses reliably and safely before registering for any course. Participation in UW Communication courses typically requires students to access Internet resources that may not be accessible directly in some places outside of the UW campus. Specifically, students in UW Communication courses will need to access UW resources including Canvas, UW Libraries which require users to login with a UW NetID, and potentially some external resources such as Zoom, Google Docs, YouTube, and/or eBook websites. Contact the course instructor to request a list of the Internet resources the course will employ prior to enrolling if you are concerned about whether you will be able to access course-required resources.

For students who are off-campus and are in a situation where direct access to course-required resources is not possible, UW IT recommends that students use the official UW VPN, called Husky OnNet VPN (see instructions are below). However, students who are outside the US while taking this course should be aware that they may be subject to laws, policies and/or technological systems which restrict the use of any VPNs. UW does not guarantee students’ access to UW resources when students are off-campus, and students are responsible for their own compliance with all laws regarding the use of Husky OnNet and all other UW resources.

UW-IT provides the Husky OnNet VPN free for UW students via this link, and advises students to use it with the “All Internet Traffic” option enabled (see the UW Libraries instructions and UW-IT’s FAQs regarding the Husky OnNet VPN). Doing so will route all incoming and outgoing Internet through UW servers while it is enabled.