Affiliated Centers and Labs

The UW Department of Communication houses world-class research centers and labs run by faculty members and students. Here are some of the initiatives supported by the Department.

Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity (CCDE)

The CCDE strives to be a space where our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni gather to promote greater equity. Through research collaborations, networking opportunities, action-oriented classes, mentorship programs, and community events we engage in dialogue to think critically about race and its intersections, to interrupt privilege, and ultimately to change the structures of power around us.

Director: Ralina Joseph
Assistant Director: Gina Aaftaab
Associate Directors: Andrea Otáñez, LeiLani Nishime, Carmen Gonzalez

Visit the CCDE website to learn more.

Center for Journalism, Media, and Democracy (CJMD)

The CJMD’s mission is to advance understanding of the role journalism and media play in democratic societies. Through research, teaching, and public engagement, the Center explores connections between public institutions, the press, and digital platforms with the aim of identifying the threats and opportunities to quality information, robust engagement, government accountability, and core democratic values.

Co-Directors: Matthew Powers, Adrienne Russell

Visit the CJMD website to learn more.

Family Communication and Relationships Lab (FCRL)

The Family Communication and Relationships Lab is a social science lab at the University of Washington and Michigan State University, which houses a collection of researchers and students invested in understanding the complex dynamics of family communication in a variety of contexts. They collaborate with researchers across the globe to conduct and disseminate cutting-edge family communication research that explores family disruptions and processes that can make a difference in the everyday lives of families.

Directors: Kristina Scharp (University of Washington), Elizabeth Hall (Michigan State University)

Visit the FCR Lab website to learn more.

Community Data Science Collective

The Community Data Science Collective is an interdisciplinary research group made up of faculty and students at the UW Department of Communication as well as participants from elsewhere in academia and industry.

The CDSC’s research is particularly focused on how the design of communication and information technologies shape fundamental social outcomes with broad theoretical and practical implications—like an individual’s decision to join a community, contribute to a public good, or a group’s ability to make decisions democratically. The research is deeply interdisciplinary, most frequently consists of “big data” quantitative analyses, and lies at the intersection of communication, sociology, and human-computer interaction.

Co-founder: Benjamin Mako Hill

Visit the CDSC’s website to learn more.