The Center for Speech and Debate

The Center for Speech & Debate empowers students to effectively communicate in today's diverse, and at times polarized, society. The CSD is dedicated to fostering a society where effective communication and the civil exchange of ideas are valued and celebrated.

UWCOM's Equipment Checkout Program

UW Communication offers a variety of equipment from DSLR cameras and GoPros to lighting kits and audio recorders. We are located on the 3rd floor of CMU building in 318-E.
Find out more about this free program in the link above!

Welcome to UW Communication

Ethics and equity: At UW Communication, we believe that ethical, equitable communication is fundamental to a just society.

Evolution of the COM Journalism Program

We are now known as the Journalism and Public Interest Communication (JPIC) program. Learn more about the changes taking place.

The Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity!

The CCDE strives to be a space where our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni gather to promote greater equity.

The Center for Journalism, Media, and Democracy

The CJMD studies how journalism and media affect democracy. Fellows explore the possibilities and challenges confronting media professionals and citizen activists in pursuing and defending core democratic values.

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