Hall of Fame Nominations

The Alumni Hall of Fame Award is bestowed annually upon a University of Washington Communication graduate. Hall of Fame members are people who have “made a difference” in an important way: as prominent journalists (e.g., winners of the Pulitzer Prize), public servants, celebrities who have used that celebrity to help others, leaders in their field, devoted mentors to our students, and academic stand-outs. They are people who did more than just have a job or career; they did it with great success and often with great dedication to others.

Before making a nomination, please read the selection guidelines below:

The Alumni Hall of Fame Award is designated for an outstanding alumnus or alumna, distinguished for service and achievement over a period of years since graduation from the University of Washington.

Any former student who earned a B.A., M.A., M.C., or Ph.D. degree from the UW Department of Communication or any former programs, departments, and schools now part of the department. Please note, however, that UW Communication faculty who are Communication alumni are eligible for Hall of Fame membership only upon retirement from the UW.

  • How has your nominee demonstrated continuous community engagement throughout their life?
  • How many people has your nominee’s involvement impacted?
  • How have other organizations have recognized your nominee’s community involvement?
  • How widely-felt is the impact of your nominee’s community engagement? Nationally or internationally?
  • How well known is your nominee to the general public?
  • How have your nominee’s accomplishments made news?
  • How many people have your nominee’s accomplishments impacted?
  • How have your nominee’s colleagues recognized their accomplishments?
  • What is the quality and quantity of evidence of national or international recognition?

To nominate a Hall of Fame candidate for consideration, please submit the nominee’s contact information, a detailed description of why they should receive the Communication Alumni Hall of Fame Award (utilizing the questions outlined above), and any supporting documents, to mqj13@uw.edu or by post to the following address:

UW Department of Communication || Box 353740 || Seattle, WA 98195

Selection Committee:

The Alumni Hall of Fame Selection Committee consists of all living members of the Alumni Hall of Fame, department faculty, and the department Chair and Alumni Outreach Manager. Selected honorees will be nominated the summer preceding the ceremony, typically scheduled to occur the following Autumn. 

Questions? Please contact Megan Jeffrey at mqj13@uw.edu.