Joel Allen
Critical Cultural Communication & Media Studies
Mercy Bertero
Intercultural Communication, Health Equity and Advocacy, Community-Based Qualitative Research. CCDE
Tiana Case
Interpersonal Communication
Autumn Diaz
Critical health communication, racial and ethnic health disparities, community-based participatory research, critical consciousness and education. CCDE
Meagan Doll
Conflict reporting, Media trust, Public opinion, Journalism studies. CJMD
Yibin Fan
Online communities, social media, and political communication. Community Data Science Collective
Julie Feng
Critical rhetoric, cultural studies, and community-engaged scholarship. CCDE
Aparna Ghosh
The intersection of computer science and journalism. CJMD
Wm Salt Hale
Peer production, software licensing, communication technology and society. Community Data Science Collective Tech Policy Lab
Russell Hansen
Political Communication and Communication Technology. CJMD
Laura Irwin
Erin Keoppen
Rhetorical Field Methods, Environmental Communication, Wildfire
Charles Kiene
Social computing, organization theory
Seonah Kim
Critical cultural studies, digital media, identity, and pan-Asian politics. CCDE
Jeehyun Jenny Lee
Critical data studies, transnational digital culture, and digital labor. CCDE
Haomin Lin
Linkage between micro-level communication and macro-level communication
Joshua Losoya
Luyue Ma
Political Communication, Digital Media, Civic Engagement
Jake Moran
jas l moultrie
Youth literacy, surveillance, visual culture, visionary fiction, and decolonization. CCDE
Liang Pan
Journalism, News Media and International Relations, Public Diplomacy. CJMD
Kate Rich
Rhetoric, Science Technology and Society Studies, Technoscience
Grace Rogers
Critical cultural studies, Asian American media, pop culture, and film/TV studies
Helen Rosenboom
Interpersonal, Nonverbal, and Intercultural Communication
Ellie Ross
Alyssa Sambor
Abbie Shew
Rhetoric of Science, Science Technology and Society Studies, Visual Culture, Online and Networked Rhetorics
Julia Simoes
Polly Straub-Cook
Meshell Sturgis Black Feminism, Critical-Cultural Media Studies, & Public Scholarship. CCDE
Ran Tang
Cultural Studies, Digital Media, Feminist Studies
Lando Tosaya
Cultural Studies, Afrofuturism, Digital Blackface & Racial Representations in media. CCDE
Hai Wang
Sociology of news, journalism and technology, soft power, Sino-Thailand relations, CJMD
Rebekah Dee Welch
Joseph Whitt
Social Interaction
Eli Wilson
Rhetorical field methods, critical disability studies, queer theory, critical race and whiteness studies.
Nicole Zhang
Comparative Journalism Studies
Jennifer Zheng
Anti-Asian discourse, race and gender representation in media, critical race theory