COM Graduation 2021 Keynote Translators

We are so grateful to the UW student translators who worked with the Department of Communication to enable us to share our 2021 graduation keynote with non-English-speaking attendees from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish-language households.

Mandarin Chinese Translators:

Pei-Yu (Angela) Liao
● UW Senior studying Psychology and Education
● Incoming Harvard Graduate Student
● Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker

Yun-Ju (Wendy) Chen
● UW Sophomore planning to major in Chemistry
● Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker

Sam Gong
● UW Senior majoring in Communication and minoring in Entrepreneurship and History
● Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker
● 7 years of part-time working experience in bi-lingual communication and broadcasting media. Completed multiple simultaneous interpretation projects for radio programs.
● Equity and Accessibility Team Lead for COM Graduation 2021

Spanish Translator: Yohaly Camacho

● UW student and native Spanish and English speaker
● Has experience with translating through her job, especially medical documentation

Korean Translator: Youn Kim || Native Korean Speaker, Filmmaker, and Artist

Vietnamese Translator: Long Tran

● UW Graduate student majoring in Cinema and Media Studies
● UW Vietnamese Class Grader