Matthew Powers & Adrienne Russell Release New Book

The world of media has transformed so rapidly that many traditional ways of studying the relationships between media and society may no longer suffice. In Rethinking Media Research for Changing Societies, an edited volume by the Center for Journalism, Media, and Democracy (CJMD) co-directors Matthew Powers and Adrienne Russell, some of the world’s leading theorists propose what each considers the single most pressing question for scholars concerned with media and public life. Then, each author suggests a research approach that could address the question, with attention to real world action.

The proposed questions touch on some of the issues of greatest concern to lay and scholastic publics alike, including: what is happening to journalism; how corporate use of big data affects our lives; whether new media technologies have made the world more or less inclusive; and what purpose academics can serve going forward.

The editors hope that the book will foster new approaches and ideas for scholars as they grapple with evolving communication problems. Because these issues interest many people outside academia, the book is written to be accessible to lay audiences. It is also suitable to college students of all levels.

Find out more about the book on the CJMD website.