Career Kickstart

Career Kickstart is a series of programs that helps students prepare for “what’s next” after they finish their undergraduate studies. These opportunities also serve as additional avenues for alumni to stay engaged with the Department.

For students, Career Kickstart is a unique way to explore the many facets of the communication industry, connect with other students and communication alumni, and develop their professional interests through programming in collaboration with both on- and off-campus partners. Career Kickstart programs give students the skills and contacts they need to help them achieve greater success after graduation.

Are you ready to begin you your Career Kickstart journey? Check out some of the opportunities the Department offers below:

To learn more about various career industries and and gain access to collections of career resources, including job guides, featured alumni profiles, please visit the UW Career and Internship Center’s Interest Community pages. These pages help students explore careers based on their interests and identities.

For more resources outside of the department, please visit the UW Career and Internship Center or the UW Center for 21st Century Learning.