News Lab (COM 362) gives advanced Journalism and Public Interest Communication students an opportunity to build a dynamic clip portfolio by working with client news outlets and other organizations in the greater Seattle area.

Students meet twice a week to review advanced skills, discuss story and project assignments, and plan digital projects. The lab works with an established list of both journalism and community clients who accept pitches from our students and send story requests of their own, including coverage of government meetings, community movers and shakers, and city trends. All work done by News Lab students goes through rigorous editing and polishing phases that allows the students to learn and improve.

News Lab provides students with a valuable learning experience, but it also has a decades-long history of providing much-needed reporting power to local news outlets that report diligently on public affairs in our community. Students work with publications and organizations such as Crosscut , Capitol Hill Seattle, Geek Wire, Northwest Asian Weekly, South Seattle Emerald, and others. 

For more information or to become a client outlet, contact Caley Cook at

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