A longtime member of his community, Alex has organized three TED Talk events and has organized/facilitated several Startup Weekend events within Seattle, as well as sat on the board for the Puget Sound American Marketing Association. After some time working in digital communications and sales at companies like Microsoft and Twitter, Alex is now on a mission to empower everyone to create powerful, flexible websites and applications as easily as they create documents today at visual development platform, Webflow — all without needing to know a single line of code. Because the only thing better than the internet, is an internet we can all create for. Success to Alex is being an integral part of something his future children could not live without. Alex’s mission on the alumni board is to offer opportunities and insights that will provide the most value to those in his alma mater. There are many opportunities that he had to fight for, and these are the type of opportunities that can be a benefit for all students—if even one student can gain something from what Alex went through and has to offer, that’s a major win and an incredible honor for him.