List of Communication Courses

Below are current courses being offered through the Department of Communication. Please note that not all courses are offered every quarter or every year. This list is for reference only. To see what is currently being offered, please visit your MyPlan page.

Courses reserved for the Communication: Journalism and Public Interest are noted with “JPIC.”

For more information on course descriptions, please visit the Course Catalog page.
Please read the Department’s statement on internet resource requirements for access to courses.

Note: To sign up for COM 395 Internships, please visit the Internships page. To sign up for COM 498 or COM 499: Independent Study, both COM and JPIC students must fill out this course permission form. These do not count towards Upper Division Requirement.

COM 200 Introduction to Communication5I&S/VLPA
COM 202Introduction to Communication II5VLPA/I&S
COM 210Introductory Communication Topics5, max. 10
COM 220Introduction to Public Speaking5I&S/VLPA
COM 231Introduction to Rhetoric5VLPA/I&S
COM 233Introduction to Language and Society5VLPA, DIVOffered: jointly with ANTH 233/LING 233.
COM 234Public Debate5VLPA/I&S
COM 238Rhetoric and Popular Culture5VLPA
COM 270Interpersonal Communication5VLPA/I&S
COM 289Communication Power and Difference5I&S, DIV
COM 292Study Abroad: Communication I1-10, max. 15
COM 294Multimedia Skills Workshop1-3, max. 5
COM 300Basic Concepts of New Media 5VLPA/I&S
COM 301Navigating Information Networks for Mass Media5I&S
COM 302The Cultural Impact of Information Technology5VLPA/I&SOffered: jointly with CHID 370.
COM 303Social Effects of Technology and Social Media5I&S
COM 304 The Press and Politics in the United States5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 304.
COM 305 The Politics of Mass Communication in America5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 305.
COM 306Media, Society, and Political Identity5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 306.
COM 318The Creative Advantage5I&S 
COM 320Advanced Public Speaking5VLPA/I&SPrerequisite: COM 220.
COM 321Communications in International Relations5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 330.
COM 322Global Communication5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 329.
COM 325Communication, Cities, and Sustainability5I&S 
COM 329Rhetoric of Social and Political Movements5VLPA/I&S
COM 330Rhetoric of Science5VLPA/I&S 
COM 332Classical Rhetorical Theory5VLPA
COM 333Contemporary Rhetorical Theory5VLPA
COM 334Essentials of Argument5I&S/VLPA
COM 336Speech Consulting1, max. 5
COM 343Effects of Mass Communication5I&S
COM 351Interviewing Principles and Practices5VLPA/I&S
COM 359Writing for Mass Media5I&S
COM 360 Foundations of Journalism and Public Interest Communication5I&SJPIC.
COM 361Advanced Journalism and Public Interest Communication4I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360.
COM 362Community Journalism and Public Interest Communication: News Lab5I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 361.
COM 364 Media Responsibility in a Diverse Society5JPIC. Prerequisite: COM 361.
COM 370Family Communication5I&S
COM 373Communication in Small Groups5VLPA/I&S
COM 374Perspectives on Language5VLPA/I&S
COM 375Communication Ethics5VLPA/I&S
COM 376Nonverbal Communication5VLPA/I&S
COM 377Organizational Communication5VLPA/I&S 
COM 378Social Approaches to Interpersonal Communication5I&S Prerequisite: COM 270
COM 381Content Analysis5
COM 382Social Scientific Approaches to Communication Research5I&S
COM 383  Qualitative Communication Research Methods5I&S
COM 389Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media5I&S, DIVOffered: jointly with AES 389/GWSS 389.
COM 392Study Abroad: Communication II1-10, max. 15
COM 395Communication Internship1-2, max. 4To sign up for COM 395 Internships, please visit the Internships page.
COM 403Dark Sides of Digital Media5I&S
COM 407Communication Technology and Politics5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 451.
COM 411Political Communication Seminar5, max. 10I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 454.
COM 414Mass Media and Public Opinion5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 452.
COM 418Communication and the Environment5I&SOffered: jointly with ENVIR 418.
COM 420Comparative Media Systems5I&SOffered: jointly with JSIS B 419/POL S 468.
COM 423Communication and Social Change5I&S
COM 426International Media Images5I&S
COM 428The Media and Peace5I&SOffered: jointly with JSIS B 428.
COM 431Rhetorical Criticism5VLPA/I&S
COM 434Argumentation Theory5I&S/VLPA
COM 435Historic American Public Address5VLPA/I&S
COM 436Contemporary American Public Address5VLPA/I&S
COM 440Mass Media Law5I&SOffered: jointly with POL S 461.
COM 443Indigenous Films, Sovereign Visions5VLPA/I&S, DIVOffered: jointly with AIS 443.
COM 444Public Relations and Society5I&S
COM 445Journalism and Literature5VLPA/I&S
COM 452Crisis Communications5I&S
COM 456Networked Journalism5I&SJPIC.
COM 457Journalism Portfolio1I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 362.
COM 458Reporting Global Issues5, max. 10I&S, DIVJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360.
COM 459Narrative Journalism5VLPA/I&SOffered: jointly with CHID 459.
COM 460Special Reporting Topics4, max. 8I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360.
COM 461Data Reporting5I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360. 
COM 463Copy Editing for Media5I&SJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360.
COM 464Writing with Voice5VLPAJPIC. Prerequisite: COM 360.
COM 465State Government Communication12I&SJPIC.
COM 468Media Ethics5I&S 
COM 470Discourse: Analyzing Talk and Texts5VLPA/I&S, DIVOffered: jointly with LING 470.
COM 471Persuasion5VLPA/I&S
COM 472Empirical Approaches to Interpersonal Communication5I&S
COM 474Communication, Conflict, and Cooperation5VLPA/I&S
COM 478Intercultural Communication5I&S
COM 482Interpersonal Media5I&S
COM 483Communication Approaches to the Study of War5I&S/VLPA
COM 484Cultural Codes in Communication5VLPA/I&S
COM 485Fieldwork in Communication Studies5VLPA/I&SPrerequisite: COM 484.
COM 486Communication and Culture in Rome: Study Abroad12VLPA/I&S
COM 487Representing Latinidad: Chicanxs and Latinxs in the Media5DIV
COM 488Race, Gender, and Power in Asian American Media5I&S, DIV
COM 489Black Cultural Studies5I&SOffered: jointly with AES 489/GWSS 489.
COM 490Representing Beyond the Binaries: Mixing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media5I&S, DIVOffered: jointly with AES 490/GWSS 486.
COM 492Study Abroad: Communication III1-10, max. 15
COM 494Careers in Communication1
COM 495Special Topics in Communication2-5, max. 15
COM 496Honors Seminar5VLPA/I&S
COM 497Honors Thesis1-15, max. 15VLPA/I&S
COM 498Independent Research1-5, max. 10To sign up for COM 498: Independent Research, both COM and JPIC students must fill out this course permission form.
COM 499Directed Research1-5, max. 10To sign up for COM 499: Directed Research, both COM and JPIC students must fill out this course permission form.