Jess Estrada is the Manager of Digital Communications at Pivotal Ventures, leading digital marketing campaigns and strategies across social media, websites, paid media, and more. Previously, Jess was the Digital Media Manager at the Bezos Family Foundation. Jess was the strategy owner and day-to-day manager for Bezos Family Foundation and its programs’ digital media content on channels including website; social media; email newsletters; and YouTube. Prior to this, Jess was the Director of Marketing at Deloitte Digital.

Jess began her career in event production and marketing as the Director of Small Business Programs and Events for the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. In 2008, Jess created, a Seattle lifestyle blog that she still manages today. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Washington, where she met her now-husband Jacob. They live in Seattle with their English bulldog, Dougie.