Outstanding Early Career Award

The Outstanding Early Career Award was developed to honor and support a recent graduate (within approximately 10 years) of the UW Department of Communication who has shown both impressive career accomplishments and a commitment to the public good, broadly defined. We choose people who have superb beginnings to careers and have sought to make a difference in the world, beyond their lives. These criteria are in line with our selection of Alumni Hall of Fame members.


Maria Crisanta Castro-Naoe

(B.A., 2001)

Priya Frank

(B.A., 2004)

Edgar Gonzalez

(B.A., 2004)

Lesa Linster

(B.A., 2000)

Alixandra Nozzolillo

(B.A., 2004)

Camille Elmore-Trummer

(B.A., 2009)

Philip Garland

(B.A., 2001; M.A., 2003)

McCall Hall

(B.A., 2010)

My Tam H. Nguyen

(B.A., 2006)

Megan (Coppersmith) Szerwo

(B.A., 2004)