The Outstanding Early Career Award was developed to honor and support a recent graduate (within approximately 10 years) of the UW Department of Communication who has shown both impressive career accomplishments and a commitment to the public good, broadly defined. We choose people who have superb beginnings to careers and have sought to make a difference in the world, beyond their lives. These criteria are in line with our selection of Alumni Hall of Fame members.


Jacob Christensen

(B.A., 2014 and M.C., 2017)

Maria Crisanta Castro-Naoe

(B.A., 2001)

Priya Frank

(B.A., 2004)

Edgar Gonzalez

(B.A., 2004)

Lesa Linster

(B.A., 2000)

Alixandra Nozzolillo

(B.A., 2004)

Camille Elmore-Trummer

(B.A., 2009)

Philip Garland

(B.A., 2001; M.A., 2003)

McCall Hall

(B.A., 2010)

My Tam H. Nguyen

(B.A., 2006)

Megan (Coppersmith) Szerwo

(B.A., 2004)

Dr. Kimberly Harden

(B.A., 2013)