UW Com Welcomes Assistant Professor Dr. Yuan Hsiao

UW Com is delighted to welcome Dr. Yuan Hsiao as our newest Assistant Professor. Hsiao will offer courses in Political Communication and Communication Technology & Society. In addition to his teaching, Hsiao is a researcher, a sociologist, and an activist. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from National Taiwan University, Hsiao received his PhD … Read More

Media Choices And Biases In Online Information

ABOUT THE EVENT The abundance of media options is a central feature of today’s information environment. The currentmedia landscape is extremely decentralized, with information simultaneously flowing through manyparallel channels (i.e., the web, social media, TV). In this talk I will discuss recent research in which wetackle the challenge of measuring news exposure in a complex … Read More

For the Black Girls Who Don’t Code: Tracing the Black Feminist Technoculture

ABOUT THE EVENT Coding has been positioned by many as a corrective or missing tool to usurping the racism that has precluded Black women’s inclusion in the digital revolution. However, Black girls and women have long possessed the technological expertise necessary for the future. In this talk, Steele traces a Black feminist technoculture, beginning long … Read More

Technology of the oppressed: Inequity and the digital mundane in favelas of Brazil

ABOUT THE EVENT Nemer draws on extensive ethnographic fieldwork to provide a rich account of how favela residents engage with technology in their everyday lives. Their stories reveal the structural violence of the information age. But they also show how those oppressed by technology don’t just reject it, but consciously resist and appropriate it, and … Read More

Something is Rotten in the United States of Denmark

The Transatlantic Bad Influence of American Political Rhetoric and its Rhetorical Remedies ABOUT THE EVENT Although Donald Trump himself is no longer in the White House, Trumpism has far from disappeared. On the contrary, the impact of its braggadocious populism is felt in political cultures beyond the United States, including Denmark. While US culture has … Read More

UW Communication Hosts Dr. Moran Yarchi, Visiting Professor 2021-22

The Communication Department is delighted to host the accomplished scholar Dr. Moran Yarchi as a visiting professor. Dr.Yarchi has been teaching in the UW Communication Department since Autumn 2021. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at Reichman University in Israel. Dr. Moran Yarchi is an award winning scholar who … Read More

Comm Lead Graduate Enacts Meaningful Change in Hometown

Ryan Quigtar is putting his communication leadership skills to work, enriching the lives of those in his hometown of Renton, Washington. He is a 2018 graduate of the Master of Communication in Community and Networks, part of the department’s Communication Leadership program. This one-of-a-kind degree teaches students “the collaborative skills necessary to manage change, recognize … Read More

CJMD Spotlight: News for the Rich, White, and Blue

When: November 18, 2021, 2:30 to 4 p.m.Where: CMU 126 Nikki Usher, PhD, will discuss her new book, News for the Rich, White, and Blue: How Place and Power Distort American Journalism. The book considers how larger structural inequalities and political tensions in American life are instantiated through and by the news media. Dr. Usher argues … Read More

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Huskies! The faculty and staff of the Department of Communication welcome you back to campus! We are all so impressed by your resilience and grateful for your compassion over these many months. The power of ethical, inclusive, and effective Communication has been brought into sharp focus during this time, and we are delighted … Read More

COM Graduation 2021 Keynote Translators

We are so grateful to the UW student translators who worked with the Department of Communication to enable us to share our 2021 graduation keynote with non-English-speaking attendees from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish-language households. Mandarin Chinese Translators: Pei-Yu (Angela) Liao ● UW Senior studying Psychology and Education● Incoming Harvard Graduate Student● Native Mandarin Chinese … Read More